January, 02, 2018
A Sit Down with Bobby Dunnit
By Matt Sherman

The Beat of the Week studio had the pleasure of sitting down with Bobby Dunnit. We had an in-depth conversation about his personal style and his origins with hip hop. To start, Dunnit told us about what makes him tic.


“I got my rap name by using my real name (Bobby Dunne) and adding a twist to my last name (i.e Dunnit). I think what separates me as an artist is my ability to create a specific sound that’s consistent. I also think there’s less of us than there are more, that self-produce & engineer. In 5 years i see myself as a successfully built brand that would be currently dominating a section of the hip-hop genre.”


Clearly Dunnit has big goals and aspirations. We continued to speak and dig into the even bigger picture.


“My goal is to be able to find peace, financial stability, and positive vibes through my music. I’d like to change the world by allowing anybody who relates to me with the addition of the younger generation that has the potential of looking up to me to be able to escape through the music i create. That’s why i make music. It’s a mental place of peace.”


Last but not least we asked the ultimate question, what is his TOP 5, DEAD OR ALIVE? In no particular order, Dunnit stated “My top 5 would have to be 2pac, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, & Kanye West”


Dunnit is currently working on an album with an undetermined release date, but be sure to check out his recent single “Comfortable” on Soundcloud at

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