January, 12, 2018
A Sit Down with Maxx 39
By Matt Sherman

At Beat of the Week we don’t want you to just listen to an artist, but we want you to HEAR them and understand where their music comes from. I was lucky enough to be able to speak to New York rapper Maxx 39 about his art.  We dove right into it, discussing what makes him unique in this rap game:


“I perform music under a few different personas, so that right there separates me heavily. I rap under two personas and sing under one, with more being experimented on. I make all kinds of different music under these personas and don't ever pigeon hole myself or my creative mindset. Those points definitely separate me from most artists. 


I want to motivate a small shift in the way we look at our lives as a civilization. My calling is to do that through my gifts and talents.”


Clearly, Maxx 39 has an uncommon approach to hip hop that is well needed in the culture. After, we went into his origins as an artist and his goals in the immediate and long term future:


“In tenth grade my friend forced a name out of me so I took a shortened version of my full name Maxwell and combined it with my favorite numbers 3 and 9. Thus born Maxx 39. The meaning has since expanded. In 5 years I see myself maintaining my brand which will be worldwide, expanded and thriving.


My conscience goal is To create as much as I can till I cannot anymore. 

My egos goal is to be Worldly known as the Greatest Rapper of All Time

My focused goal is to use my gifts to help people and create that shift in humanity as previously mentioned.”


Hopefully all those things come true for Maxx 39 and he can help contribute to making the world a better place. Lastly, we wanted to give you good people a chance at finding out what Maxx 39 has out now and what is to come!


“Indeed. My new album "Chamber 39" is available now for stream and/or purchase at my website as well as an accompanying Music Video "Full Chamber" + a bonus song "F*** SoundCloud" all in line at the site. The album pays tribute to the GZAs LP "Liquid Swords". You can look forward to much more material. Much more.”


As always we like to end our interviews with the dreaded questions… What is your top 5??


“In order 1-5

1. Big Pun 

2. Notorious BIG

3. Nas

4. Big L

5. Eminem 


And I have to give my honorary 6-7

6. Raekwon

7. GZA”


Thanks for reading and make sure you check out all the dope artists on the platform!