July, 03, 2018
Who is Frankie Linstrom?
By Matthew Sherman

     There are so many incredible artists out in the world. There's an audience for every one of them. Beat of the Week has been blessed to come across Frankie Linstrom and his insane lyricism. He’s posted on our app multiple times and earned his spot on our Cypher Series that he killed back in 2017. We’ve been more than impressed with his bars, so now it is time to get to know the artist more. We asked him to go back to the beginning and explain how he became the MC he is today:

“I've always liked music and originally wanted to be in a rock band and play guitar when I was in Jr. high school. I quickly realized that it’s hard to have a rock band because theres a lot of people that have to meet up. You rely too much on other people, and it takes too long to make a song. A few years late,r in high school, I was in a garage with some friends, and we recorded a whole song on a phone. This is when I found out that you don’t need much, and you don’t need to rely on anyone to make a rap song, you can do it all by yourself.”

     Solo is usually how he rolls. Linstrom talked about how features are necessary but he doesn’t go out of his way to make sure they happen. He finds he can be much more productive when working by himself. His lyrical content is very outlandish, with splashes of shock value. He self described it as trying to “expose hypocrisy and/or stupidity by speaking in first person of a hypocrite.” We had to ask him where he got his inspiration from:

“I can get inspiration from a lot of different things. Most of the time, they aren’t even related to music. The last song on The Frankie Linstrom Mixtape 3, Felina, is actually inspired by a stand up comedy special on netflix. (Todd Glass Act Happy) The last 10 minutes of the special he goes on this big rant yelling and screaming while these quiet horns play in the background...It was something that i had never seen in a comedy show before. So, I guess the short answer would be, creativity, originality, and passion.”

     If you haven’t heard Frankie Linstroms music yet you can check out all his mixtapes on SoundCloud. His most recent release was the Frankie Linstrom Mixtape 3 in April. Fire. Straight Fire. We’re looking forward to the new EP he is working on that is loosely set to drop some time in August. You can easily see the influences he has when you hear his music. Here’s what he said when asked about his favorite artist and song:

“My favorite artist and favorite song changes almost every week. It really depends on what album I’m really liking at the time. As of right now, I’ve been listening to a lot of Death Grips and their new album, “Year of the Snitch.” But I always find myself returning to Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem, despite his new album “Revival”, which I hated. But that doesn’t change the fact that he made the best album of all time, The Marshal Mathers LP, which i listen to probably once a month.” If Linstrom could work with any artist, “I would have to say Kanye West, he’s not necessarily my favorite rapper but i just love his energy. His past few projects have just been so unpredictable and amazing in my opinion. I just want to see what he is like in the studio and how he brings the best out of artists.”

     Each artist has their own process. There is no set way to make music, so Beat of the Week likes to figure out how our rappers come up with the amazing things they do. Frankie Linstrom talked about how he can’t work during the day. He’s most productive during “crackhead hours” between midnight and 4AM. During that time:

“I usually just sit down and try to find an instrumental that matches my mood on youtube. I don’t really have a technique, its just me writing down whatever I'm feeling. Not everything I write down is great, but I never throw anything away. Sometimes, I go back to the bad stuff and reinvent the idea I had before and it turns out better. The song “Two Dudes At The Getty,” which I have a music video for on youtube, was a year and a half old before i released it. I wrote it, didn’t like it, and then returned to it and made it better. So, never throw away your trash bars, keep them in a notebook and come back to them when you have writers block.”

That is some sage advice for new artists just started to begin their careers and understand how their writing process works. The final questions we had to prod out of Frankie help our audience get to know the man a bit better.

The first was asked

“The first thing I would buy is definitely health insurance. Everybody who has health insurance should take advantage of it because it sucks not having it. By the way, when you skip class and tell the teacher you were “Sick”and he asks for a doctors note, just say you don’t have health insurance. its the best excuse, he won’t say shit…the next thing I would buy is a bed. I’ve been couch surfing for about two years now and it has been interesting, but it would be really nice to not worry about where you are going to sleep at night. And also sleeping on the floor hurts your back after a while. but after all of that, i would buy a Tesla Model S…White”

     Lastly, its important to understand that artists are more than the art they make. All of us have our own passions and loves. We wanted to hear from Frankie what passions he had outside of his musical endeavors:

“I don’t know if its a passion or not, but I really like to travel. I really want to visit all the countries and the 50 states before I die. My main goal in music is to be able to tour the country. And one day if I get big enough, tour the world, all 7 continents. At that point I could die and I wouldn’t really care…. And I also like to knit”

     Clearly Frankie Linstrom is more than just an MC. He is an incredibly complex and versatile person. It's important to know where the lyrics are coming from. Now that you have a good sense for who the rapper is, check out his music and resonate with the insane vocab and imagery.  

     Below is the link to his soundcloud where you can find his 3 mixtapes.

Insta/Twitter: @frankielinstrom