October, 10, 2019
Introducing: The Come Up
By Matt Sherman

Have you been grinding every day for your craft? Are you in the studio or rocking shows week in and week out? Introducing our newest series of content for the most motivated and talented artists in our community: The Come Up.

The landscape of the music industry has changed. There is no singular way to get to the top. Each of you is figuring out your own way to Come Up. That's where we come in! Beat of the Week wants to come to your hometown and document your journey. Let's show the world what your grind is like; where you record, how you rehearse, how lit your performances are, and how hungry you are to get your music heard.

What else are you doing to get out there in addition to dropping STRAIGHT BARS on Beat of the Week?

Let us know. 

The first installment of this docuseries is a 2-part episode about a young duo from Inglewood named Hoolipack. The group consists of Florence the Infinite and Leelann, who both possess a highly advanced and diverse skillset. They have a style that is both reminiscent of old school hip hop while at the same time sounding refreshingly new. Most of Hoolipack's songs detail the issues we face both as individuals and a society, packaged in a way that gets your head nodding and gives you the stank face.

You may recognize Florence and  LeeLann from their crazy bars in our last cypher! Or from their winnning videos in Week 71, 97, and 102. If you haven't seen them, click on the links to check them out. Fuego. We were thoroughly impressed both by their bars and by their hustle. Both artists are barely over 18 and are already making major moves to become masters at their craft. These visionaries have been performing like crazy in Los Angeles and plotting how to market their music and their brand.

In Part 1, you will get to meet Hoolipack and learn more about who they are. We showcase how they go about their process, talk about their history and what sets them apart, and even get some hard freestyles. Check out how Florence and Lee attack a studio session in this debut episode of The Come Up.

Make sure to follow Hoolipack on social media and check out their music on SoundCloud below:

Instagram: @florence.the.infinite - @leelann_ - @hoolipack

Twitter: @FloTheInfinite - @leelanfrmla