March, 23, 2020
Welcome to the new and improved Beat of the Week Cypher Series
By Beat of the week

Welcome to the new and improved Beat of the Week Cypher Series! All the artists that participated in our West Coast event were hand picked for their consistent bars on our app. We reward the best rappers in our weekly contest by placing them in premium content of the highest quality. We upgraded all of our lights, cameras, and action to create a communal experience for our aritsts you can only find here at Beat of the Week. The beat, "Lemme see what y'all got" produced by Renegade, bangs! The fusion of a dramatic 808 and the furious styles of the three quick-spitters makes for a cinematic experience.

The first artist Strada~G has earned his way to Beat of the Week legend status by posting 15 videos on the app, 8 of which took home cash prizes. The Chicago native, currently residing in Arizona (shoutout to you for driving alllllll the way out to LA for the event!), uses his music to reflect on what he's endured and the growth that comes with it. Most of his verses include heavy wordplay with a fast flow that you might need to stop whatever else you're doing to catch! If you're looking for something wavey, peep this smooth track of Strada~G's with fellow artist CobraCal titled "Nothing We Can't Go Through".


You may recognize the next artists from past Beat of the Week content...Leelann made his verse seem like slight work. The young emcee is one half of the duo Hoolipack out of Inglewood, California. Lee commands the english language using stark metaphors to convey his concious bars. Listen up, because he doesn't waste a word in any verse he spits. Lee has placed in the contest 3 times in addition to being in a previous cypher and one of the artists in our docu-series "The Come Up". Definitely keep an eye on Hooli... if you blink you might miss them blow up and you don't want to be late on the trend do you?? Check out the latest of Lee's music here:


Finally, King Kelo did not waste a single millisecond when it was his turn! Based out of Texas, we were lucky enough to have him fly out and he did not disappoint. We were worried when the rapper actually left the event on fire like the human torch, but he told us "it happens all the time". All jokes aside, Kelo blazed the track with an onslaught of syllables that we know you HAD to rewind. If you're looking for more, check out these 2 heartfelt tracks where King Kelo walks us through his personal struggles and pays homage to his step-father that provided for his family. Only place is up for him and we can't wait to be part of the journey.

We appreciate each of the artists that gave their time and energy to create this video. Here's our favorite line from each verse!! Let us know what your favorites are. Whether you're an artist, producer, or fan, peep game and enjoy the bars.

Strada~G - "Demon's in my blood, brain flooded with filth. It's like a tub full of guilt built with nothing but love."

Leelann - "Call it right now, Hoolipack packed shows assholes who said they know us, sick ebola, I sip my cola, I be on chill"

King Kelo - "2016 I was living in the project, couple years later I was known as a prospect. Now I'm going coast to coast to overdose the flow, with a potion known to comatose the throne. Hopefully this verse will get me known..."

Shout out to all our sponsors and thanks for tuning into Beat of the Week. Next vid coming soon!!