May, 14, 2020
And We Back!
By Matt Sherman

To kick off the continuation of our docuseries, “The Come Up”, we checked in with Beat of the Week veteran iEllisTheArtist. If you’ve been around BOTW long enough, then there is no way you’ve missed one of his 19 entries (5 of which took home cash prizes). From the first video to his most recent, they’ve all stood out! One thing is clear. iEllis is definitely an ARTIST.

In Part 1 we took a trip to Claremont, California and were lucky enough to be welcomed into iEllisTheArtist’s personal dojo. When you step into this garage you are immediately overcome with realization of the talent, genius, and hard work that has gone into every nook and cranny. The entire place is designed to function as a multi-dimensional, one-stop-shop, art/design/production/recording studio. The bars were hard enough… but when you see a hand-sculpted and painted Venom plus a full comic book drawn and written by the same man?!?! Y’all got competition!

iEllisTheAritst, the self-proclaimed nerdcore rapper, is always coming with crazy styles. He sings layers, pitches harmonics, and is always strapped with some comic book metaphors and trippy lights. As if the witty cultural references weren’t enough, the remainder of his content is focused on educating and uplifting. These are the reasons why he was the first BOTW Artist to win #ArtistPick, 1st Place, and 2nd Place! Let’s see if he can get that All-Star dub now!!

iEllis is always working. ALWAYS. From singing, to battle rapping, to choreographed dances and ticketed concerts, he has been heavily involved in multiple facets of the Inland Empire Hip-Hop scene. In addition to grinding out on stage, he hustles in the studio. Not only working on personal project but also doing tons of free lance graphic design and illustrative work. Make sure you plug into if you need that custom merch or fire imagery boost to your single or project!


Finally, we get a sneak peak on how the magic happens. iEllis walks us through the process of how he records his videos from start to finish. He’s definitely got the recipe. Y’all better take notes! It probably helps to be able to surround yourself with your favorite drawings, paintings, sculptures, merch, and designs you’ve made in life to get the creative juices flowing.

Thanks again for having us iEllis, and shout out to Moms for allowing us to share that personal moment. Definitely solidified us as Beat of the Week FAM! If you’re fiending for more from the kid, pop into his new YouTube series “Street’s Watching” where he gives Beat of the Week a big shout out. We also linked the songs that were used in this episode below. The Come Up: iEllisTheArtist Pt 2 drops May 21st @ 9PM with the next beat! Stay Tuned...


@0:30 - Crazy by iEllisTheArtist

@2:29 - Soul Therapy by iEllisTheArtist 

@4:40 - Gimme the Cash by iEllisTheArtist (Prod. ESPO on the Track)